Once you have gained knowledge in the Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems undergraduate programs, you will take your skills to the workforce while still receiving one-on-one guidance from your advisors across campus. Through an internship, you will learn while performing an off-campus experience while possibly taking online courses. Your on-the-job experience will help you earn career success upon graduation. 

Students are required to complete an off-campus professional internship or other relevant experiential activity. Internships help to build skills and provide leadership training, as well as offer potential career paths. You are required to complete at least one year of an internship, but longer internships are encouraged. The internship must be two semesters and can be completed during the school year or in the summer.

You may elect to participate in our existing partnerships for internship opportunities or choose to create a new meaningful career experience with a government, non-governmental, non-profit, or industry organization. We expect these internships to start as early as possible within your undergraduate tenure in order to tailor your coursework to the area-specific needs of your chosen career path within food systems.

Internship Sectors

  • Industry
  • Government
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Educational Institutions