How to Apply

Undergraduate admissions, both freshmen and new transfers from outside U of I, are processed through the University Office of Admissions and Records. To select MFST as the major to which you are applying, make sure you have selected Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems, within the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES).

Apply through the Admissions Office

Also on the Undergraduate Admissions website, you will be able to find requirements for freshman and transfer applicants, as well as freshman class profiles for each college. The class profiles give the average GPA and test scores of students.

Transferring from Another Major at U of I

The process for changing a major at Illinois is called either Intra or Inter-College Transfer (or ICT), referring to students transferring majors within the same college or transferring to a different college.

When it comes to changing your major to MFST you will want to start by speaking with your current advisor and reach out to our faculty for more information to determine if MFST is a good fit for you.

For details on the application process and requirements you can visit the ACES Office of Academic Programs website and the University of Illinois Office of the Provost website.

ACES ICT Information University ICT Information

Not Applying for a Bachelor's?

If you are interested in our certificate program, fill our our certificate program form. If you are interested in participating in our summer academy, visit our summer academy page.